• Operation Underground Railroad

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Trained by those who have been to war is something most people don’t have at their disposal. Ryker Defense is here to give you that edge which is uncommon in most circles.


Ryker Defense will provide clients with skills developed through combative tactics in weapons handling and mental preparation. Training will be in both Combat pistol and Combat rifle. You will be trained and be expected upon completing each training coarse to apply the objectives learned through evolutions, which require all skills learned.


Here at Ryker Defense, those who will train you have experience that is second to none. From Special warfare communities, these men will prepare you to safely handle your weapon to defend yourself and those you care about the most in this world.

Welcome to RYKER Defense. We are proud to introduce a Veteran owned Company. We at Ryker Defense are here to give you the training you need to exercise your Second Amendment rights to bear arms. In todays world of ever growing threats, we as Husbands, Wives, Fathers, Mothers and citizens of the U.S.A., need to be able to protect ourselves and those we Love.

Ryker Defense was established to train and educate in safe and responsible handling of firearms. You will be trained by Professionals. Please contact us for more information on courses available.